Best 10 Picturesque National Parks Worth Hiking

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Hit the Trails

Need motivation to take your workout outdoors? Soaking up the sun doesn’t always require laying on a beach or going for a run—you can get a dose of Vitamin D from the sun’s rays and feel the calming effect of nature with an easy afternoon hike. Strap on your activity tracker and get ready to burn around 415 calories an hour.

This Saturday, April 18, marks the beginning of National Park Week, with free entrance to the parks all weekend long. The U.S. is home to more than 400 national parks, so you’re bound to find one in your area (seriously, just check out We’ve rounded up our favorite hikes for fitness—now, it’s up to you to get outside!

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Georgia

Get a taste of history before you hit the trails at this Civil War battlefield turned national park. Head to the Visitor’s Center to pick up a map with detailed distances and times for four different hiking options, as well as how many calories you’ll burn on each trail (but if you’re not into those, don’t worry—there are plenty more paths to choose from).

We’d recommend starting with Pigeon Hill Trail, which has a steeper grade, so you’ll burn more calories in less time. The 5.4 mile trip will only take you about 2 hours. Make sure to keep an eye out for cannons and trenches, reminders of the battle fought on the mountain.

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