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I’m not very outdoorsy, but my kids love being outside. And I know that many families enjoy camping trips, especially during the summer. But for kids, camping can be quite boring if there aren’t games or activities to keep them entertained. Sure, chasing bugs is fun, and making s’mores is super cool (or is it hot?), but those things are only enjoyable for so long. That’s why I’ve rounded up a handful of camping crafts and activities that will have your kids begging to go on a family camping trip every weekend. (Sorry, and you’re welcome.)

camping crafts

1. Camping Bingo

You’re never too young to start playing bingo. This printable camping version is so cute! You could play it at lunchtime, sitting around the picnic table. I like the suggestion of playing this where you try to find the various items around the campsite, instead of the traditional way of playing. That would probably make this more exciting for the kids.

Head over to Glue Sticks & Gumdrops for this printable, as well as other family fun activities.

camping crafts

2. Popsicle Stick Tents

I’m not sure how many people actually bring craft supplies on their camping trips, but whether you do or not, this is a fun and easy craft to get the kids excited. You could make these prior to your camping adventure, or put them together on site. Use this as a chance to start a dialogue about how to set up a tent or start a campfire.

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