Tenorshare ReiBoot Review : A Repair Tool for iPhones That Works!

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One of the best parts about owning an iPhone in the past has been the fact that it never dies on you. And no by dying I don’t mean that it never runs out of battery, what I mean is that you don’t have to face software problems, such as your iPhone stuck in a bootloop, recovery mode, or just stuck at the Apple Logo when restarting the phone. However, since the launch of iOS 11, iOS has become too buggy, and I have been facing all these problems on my personal iPhone.

While I know that I can easily get it fixed by just walking into an Apple Store, I don’t want to make a trip every time my iPhone starts misbehaving, which is happening quite a lot in the recent months. If you are also having the same problems you are going to love the tool that I am sharing with you today. It’s called Tenorshare ReiBoot, and it is one of the best third-party iOS tools, I have used in a while :

Key Features

We will start our review of the Tenorshare ReiBoot by checking out all the features that it has to offer us. After all, at the end of the day, it is a utility tool and the features that it packs are what matters the most.

  • One Click to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

One of the best features of ReiBoot is that it allows you to easily enter and exit recovery mode just by clicking on a button. All you need to do is launch the app on your Mac or PC, and connect your iPhone. As soon as you connect your iPhone, you will see an option to put your phone into recovery mode. Click on it and your phone will boot into recovery mode. Click on it again to exit the recovery mode. That’s how easy it is.

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