The 7 Best Robotic Arm Kits Under $100

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3. OWI Hydraulic Robotic Arm Edge Kit

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge KitOWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit BUY NOW AT AMAZON$33.27

Forget about batteries and servos. This OWI Hydraulic Robotic arm kit is fully powered by water. It also comes with more axes of movement than most others in this price range.

You can command up six axes of movement. This includes the wrist in two directions, base rotation, shoulder motion, and a vertical/horizontal reach. It includes a lever control system to control the hydraulics on every axis.

This arm comes with 229 parts, so is recommended for ages 12 and up. It’s a very simple but effective way to teach children (and adults!) about the power of hydraulics, and comes with easy to follow instructions.

  • Axis: Five
  • Controls: Five levers, one for each axis
  • Axis Control: Individual hydraulic cylinder
  • Power: Water
  • Price Range: Under $100

The Best Programmable Robotic Arms

Want to take your robotics skills to the next level? Try assembling and programming a robotic arm kit that comes with a micro-controller built in. The kits below come ready to be programmed.

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