8 Arduino Robots You Can Build for Less than $125

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MeArm Pocket-sized Robotic Arm ($50 + Arduino)

Not all robots are tiny wheeled menaces—there are plenty of other options! This robotic arm comes with a full acrylic frame and four servos; you’ll just need a small screwdriver to put it together and an Arduino to control it. You may need to do some experimenting and searching online to figure out how to best program it, but you can check out Lifehacker’s article on building a robotic arm to see how to get started.

Multi-Functional 4WD Robot Car ($47)

Although the description for this robot car on AliExpress is written in Russian, it still gets good reviews for being a fun, easy-to-work-with, and versatile little robot. The kit includes the car chassis, a sonar sensor for preventing crashes, a remote to control the car, and an Arduino board–making it a great value for beginners to microcontroller programming.

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