10 of the Best Raspberry Pi Zero Projects So Far

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PiBorg 4Borg

Robot builds have enough to worry about when it comes to weight and battery power, so the almost feather light qualities of the Pi Zero are obvious.

We’ve seen several robotics projects, from the R2-D2 clone above to one using the CamJam3 kit to power a  Raspberry Pi Zero controlled matchbox. No, you read that right.

But we think the PiBorg 4Borg shown here is the best Pi Zero robot yet, and while the components might be expensive at around $70, you’re paying for good quality that you should be able to get years of enjoyment from.

Remote Controlled Smart Drone

Drones are all the rage (even if you have to pay silly money to get one with a >2MP camera), and in the video below you can see one that features a Raspberry Pi Zero and PXFmini, an autopilot shield

Using the APM flight stack (software for managing the flight and in-air control of a drone or other RC craft), this drone is a superb example of how the low weight of the Raspberry Pi Zero (just 9 g/0.32 oz compared with 45 g/1.6 oz for the Raspberry Pi 2) is used to the advantage of the project.

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